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Digital Storytelling

For Alaska Cultural Standards

Course Objectives:

  • Develop tools for the successful implementation of Alaska Cultural Standards through the development of unique and responsive digital curriculum
  • Gain proficiency in building effective rubrics for assessing student work and maintaining equality among diverse populations
  • Discuss methods for encouraging student engagement through personalized, portfolio-styled, digitally-saturated assignments
  • Explore project-based learning scenarios to enable student success in any learning style
  • Learn how to provide support for the development of student voices

Course Description:

This course introduces teachers to the benefits of experiential learning through digital storytelling. Special emphasis will be placed on preparing educators to facilitate multimedia projects for the purpose of meeting Alaska State Content and Cultural Standards. The pre-planning stage, assessment options, and community enrichment will also be addressed. Please contact the presenter to discuss technology requirements, available resources, and other concerns for participants.

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Training Category

Implementation Management

Course Number


College Credit & CEU Hours

Credit may be available

Course Length

1 Day

Max Number of Participants


Technology Involved

Google Apps, Web 2.0, Presentation Software, Multimedia Content Creation (iLife, Publisher), Podcasting, Laptops, iPad, iPod, Camera


$2649.00 - First Day, Travel Included
$1950.00 - Each Consecutive Day