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Leadership and Storytelling

Course Objectives:

  • Build student-centered leadership skills
  • Learn how to tell powerful stories with digital media
  • Develop skills in the change process
  • Practice interpersonal, team, and social skills
  • Identify techniques for integrating technology for the purposes of leading and storytelling
  • Evaluate the benefits of, and learn techniques for, project-based learning
  • Network with other leadership schools
  • Plan school or community projects on the local, state, national, and/or international level

Course Description:

This workshop provides the opportunity for students to learn and apply components of leadership involved in “powerful storytelling” through listening, public speaking, the change process, and the use of technology to create digital stories for school and community based projects. Students will complete a series of activities to identify an issue critical to the well being of a school or community in which they want to motivate change. This workshop will offer techniques, methods, and activities in leadership and technology to enable students to prepare and deliver presentations aimed at promoting such change. Schools and students participating in this workshop will receive feedback from other schools. This workshop is also the first requirement for an Alaska Pacific University course (1 credit at the 100 level or 3 credits at the 500 level) for students and teachers. Much of this course is based on the completion of a digital story project as a team.

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Training Category

Engaged Learning

Course Number


College Credit & CEU Hours

Credit may be available

Course Length

1 Day

Max Number of Participants


Technology Involved

Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, Laptops, AV Carts


$2649.00 - First Day, Travel Included
$1950.00 - Each Consecutive Day