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Concept Mapping

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of graphically representing ideas for whole group instruction
  • Discuss the learning styles most heavily influenced by concept mapping
  • Discover how the ease of use and simple integration into external software suites make for an effective organizational tool for any classroom
  • Explore the ways conceptualization and concept mapping enhance holistic education centered around reading and writing

Course Description:

This workshop explores the basics of using concept mapping software to generate student interest and engage learners. Topics include project organization and the integration of the software with local networks, web pages, and external software. Special attention will be given to template cre- ation for student, teacher, and district specific uses.

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Training Category

Implementation Management

Course Number


College Credit & CEU Hours

Credit may be available

Course Length

1 Day

Max Number of Participants


Technology Involved

Interactive Whiteboards, Concept Mapping Software (SMART Ideas, Inspiration, Kidspiration,, Laptops


$2649.00 - First Day, Travel Included
$1950.00 - Each Consecutive Day