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This menu of professional development courses is intended to assist staff in integrating current education technology into their instruction and facilitate the expansion of digital learning in Alaska's schools. It has been developed to serve both Apple and Windows operating systems, mobile devices, interactive white boards, as well as to address the use of Web 2.0 tools and applications. A team of current and former educators who are knowledgable in a variety of digital learning tools and experienced in the delivery of PD across the state, has been assembled as trainers. As needs in our schools are identified, new offerings will be added to this menu. Visit again soon to see how we can meet your needs.

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Course # Vendor Course Price Action
4102Chariot Group1-1 Classroom Management2649.00View
4201Chariot GroupAssessment2649.00View
4203Chariot GroupConcept Mapping2649.00View
3102Chariot GroupContent Creation2649.00View
0000Chariot GroupCourses Coming Soon0.00View
0001Chariot GroupCustom PD2649.00View
3202Chariot GroupDifferentiation2649.00View
4302Chariot GroupDigital Storytelling2649.00View
3201Chariot GroupInteractivity2649.00View
3302Chariot GroupLeadership and Storytelling2649.00View
2301Chariot GroupMulti-Genre Projects2649.00View
4301Chariot GroupPaperless Classrooms2649.00View
2104Chariot GroupSMART Advanced2649.00View
2103Chariot GroupSMART Peripherals2649.00View
2101Chariot GroupSMART Starter2649.00View
2102Chariot GroupSMART Table2649.00View