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CDL Professional Development

Our goal is to provide our schools with quality, relevant professional development across a variety of technologies and delivery systems to maximize positive impact on teaching and learning in a cost efficient manner.

The premise of active, high level learning activities in a ubiquitous digital learning environment is core to the Consortium of Digital Learning (CDL) environment. The CDL Professional Development Menu of Services has been developed based on research and also best practice from our experience since 2006 with digital learning environments in Alaska.

There are several frameworks that indicate teachers progress through stages of adoption of technology in their learning activities. All these frameworks are useful in understanding teacher progress through the stages of technology implementation.

Since the SAMR (Puentedura, 2009) was developed from research in learning environments where high access to technology is present, we find its alignment with this professional development model fitting. The SAMR is not centered around a specific technology, but the strategy employed with technology to actively engage the learner, bring learning alive and make it relevant to the 21st century. Student achievement rises as learning strategies and teaching methods advance from substitution to redefinition.

This professional development menu is developed with these principles in mind. Changing the teaching and learning experience by using the power of technology allows students to create, collaborate, and communicate at high levels. We look forward to working with you in this quest to achieve these goals.